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Teacher to villians and fiends.


Elderly female human witch.  Agitha is an infernal witch and a leader amongst the mortal members of the Temple of Gloaming.  She is an aged crone who wears ragged black robes with a pointed hat and an immense assortment of jewelry, mostly bracelets and necklaces. 


Agitha's chief duty is to her master, Raum.  As a member of the Temple of Gloaming, Agitha is beholden to Donnervogel, though she has never been there.

Common Knowledge

Only those initiated with the Temple are aware of Agitha's existence.  Those who have met her understand that she is a good teacher in the infernal arts, but a sinister witch who will extract bound favors from anyone she can.

Important History

-Sold her soul to Raum long ago.

Important Relationships

-Pledged to Raum.

-Associated with the Temple of Gloaming, though she remains in her swamp hut, offering shelter and training to other demon worshippers who come to her.

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