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Angelicism, also called Angel Worship and The Angelic Faith, is the religious worship of angels.  It is one of the most widely practiced Aurum-based faiths both on Midgard and across the known Void.


Angel worship is a popular alternative to god worship on Midgard and elsewhere.  While based on following Good-aligned teachings and morals, along with the orderly ideas that invoke Aurum, the names of gods are not invoked.  Instead, the worshippers call out to angels of various higher ideals, who are themselves on a level similar to gods.

Angelicism is the largest organized religion in Midgard, and the second-largest holy faith behind unaligned worship of Holy Light.

Holy symbols of angelicism vary.  Most often they utilize wings and somehow envoke some aspect of the greater angel being worshipped, such as a winged trumpet for Israfel.


The clergy of the Angelic Faith is fairly diverse and disorganized, having no centrally based leadership.  Generally there are priests, who lead services, and nuns, who act in various lesser capacities around a church.  Most large cathedrals have a bishop, who also acts as a chief priest for surrounding churches, typically for areas where one greater angel is most popular, such as Harmonia or Taneria.


Many worshippers of Angelicism are humans, generally found in orderly kingdoms and similar societies.  On Midgard these are notably from Symphonia, where they chiefly worship Israfel, Taneria, where they primarily worship Sachiel, and Ophelia, where all angels are worshipped together.  Angel worship is also noted in Feyvern, Lathirion, Kasland, and Volcove.  Sachiel possesses worshippers in the ocean as well, both above and below the surface, though many legitimate gods have followers out there as well.

Most if not all lesser types of angels also worship the greater angels, typically the ones whom they serve.