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Vile, disgusting things.  They crawl around in ruins and tunnels, eating anything that can run away, and then poisoning anything that can -- so they can find and eat it later.

Carrion Crawlers


Perhaps considered the "bulette of bugs," the carrion-crawler is a voracious scavenger.  They make their nests in ruins and underground tunnels, usually very fond of sewers, and seek out rotting meat of any kind.  In most carcasses, carrion-crawlers will deposit a clutch of maggots in order to expand the population.

While it is very easy for sewers and surrounding areas to become swiftly infested by a swarm of crawlers, most cities are quicker in dealing with potential nests by incorporating "sewer patrols."  However, cities with power crime syndicates prefer a good population of carrion-crawlers, as it makes disposal of bodies much easier.