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Our tyranny is the true salvation of all living things, to Ordos bound--to eternity they will endure!


The Court of Irons is both a religion and an empire spread about the Known Void, though the ancient advent of Samael immensely destroyed their influence.  Recent events have allowed the Court and its Dark Archons to begin a steady rise to power once again.



The Eternal Kings


All culture in the Court of Irons is directed by mandates and absolutes, created when determined necessary and never allowed outside of what the mandates determine.


Summoning a Squaller is necessary for almost all interactions between the Eternal Kings and their servants. The Squaller determines the worthiness of those who seek an audience and then transport them to the Courthouse. This ritual requires a Profane Artifact, usually received as a gift to tyrants and dark kings who gained the favor of the Court.


The Eternal Courthouse

House of the Eternal Thrones, the "Courthouse of Irons" is built like a cathedral of fortress blackstone with towering windows of crimson trident-shape with diamond-shaped tops. Banners of red with the black sigil of a shackled gauntlet clutching a barbed crown hang between the windows. A row of thrones are seated on a stone platform, separated by dark aurum blaziers. In the center of the round chamber is a podium, from which the Squaller of the Eternal Kings perches to ready contracts for whomever comes to appeal to the Kings.


The Court of Irons rules eternal, they do not make alliances--they make servants. That said, it is the eternal ambition of the Dark Archons to rule Anserak and join it with Ordos.

Famous Citizens

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