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Behold the shining starlight, to bring about the night.  Farewell to the sun's ray, the golden children come out to play.

The Seelie Court

Seelie Fairy.

The Seelie Court of the Fey is a large fairy queendom made up of the sidhe loyal to the Fairy Queens, alongside a good number of those that have made enemies of Oberon and the Unseelie Court.  Though they are alone not as powerful as members of the Unseelie Court, there are many Seelie Fey, leading them to name themselves the "People of the Starlight" and dwelling in the sub-plane of Solas Realta.

Also called the Golden Court, the Seelie Court contains much kinder, yet still chaotic fae.  Their interactions with mortals tend to involve good-natured pranks or helping them with normally mundane tasks, chopping a day's worth of wood in minutes, mending shoes for a cobbler, and the like.  Most of the good stories about fairies are about helpful Seelie Fey.


The culture of the Seelie is as diverse as the forms they take.  While many form knightly orders and other mockeries of mortal customs, others are completely alien to the normal understandings of mortal peoples.  Many have pledged themselves fully to the Queens.  Many are known to be great artisans, and items of fairy make are highly sought-after.

Known Subraces

Helper Fairies



Swan Maidens


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