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The giant, one-eyed humanoids known as Cyclopes (singular Cyclops) were once great and respected warriors of Mezarlik.  With the realm so deep in decay the armies and tribes of cyclopes have begun to vanish, leaving recent generations of human and orc to question they ever existed.


A cyclops is a giant, from twelve to fifteen feet in height, weighing well over 600 pounds.  They have one eye set in the middle of their forehead, and never grow hair on their heads. Cyclopes are physically very powerful and resilient.  Even with the decaying power of Mezarlik they can live up to two centuries.  The eye of the cyclops gives them a True Seeing ability that can detect invisible foes and help them see through illusions.


The Cyclopes are scattered across Mezarlik, without any remaining great nations or armies.  Most of the remaining ones live as nomads, with solitary lives.  Some work as guardians for other races, though the loneliness of the cyclops and suspicions of the others makes this rare.  A number of cyclopes are also employed by the Rotrwap Dynasty, where they are promised that after they die they will be raised again as an undead.

Notable Members

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