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"I used to think comparing my ex-wife to a destrachan was the greatest joke in the world.  Until I learned a necromancer rose her from the dead and she became a godsdamn banshee.  Now I suppose there really ain't much difference between 'em." ~Captain Gaerwic


The peculiar-looking destrachan has a deadly shriek.

A primal, reptilian creature capable of growing to a size of nearly five feet and possessing a reach of twice that with its claws, tail, and powerful jumping abilities.  Many a foolish traveler thought themselves safe on horseback if they spotted a destrachan come charging after them--until it opens its mouth.

Thought to be somehow tied to the origins of human ability with Musica Magica, the destrachan has incredible control over its ability to produce a wide range of devastating sounds.  It can concentrate the force and power of its shrieks to pulverize stone, rip flesh, and even liquify certain minerals.  They have a cat's cunning and sadism often playing with their prey for long periods.

Upon seeing its eyeless face, very few--but perhaps the most utterly hopeless of--travelers fail to realize its unusual three-part ears allow it to hunt far better than most creatures who can see.  These ears can be contorted and controlled much like eyelids to focus on different kinds of sound--or even "shut" to drive sound out, robbing the clever of their instinctive inclination to fight back with noise.  Their claws are exceptionally sharp, their leathery hides thicker than a good jerkin, and their intelligence frightfully great enough to pick up on--if incapable of fully reciprocating--language.

It's a good thing these sonic carnivores don't hunt in packs.

Except that they do.

Destrachans can be found in numbers anywhere from a solitary hunter, to a pack of five.  It's believed that the only true reason why destrachans have no eyes, is because they just don't really need them.

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