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Gods!  Somebody stop his barking!  "Yip yip yip yip!"  I'm going to lose my fucking mind, here. - Lemtis of Capkon


Warrior Dogbold.png

The miniature warrior-race of fiercely loyal critters known as "Dogbolds" would have greater respect amongst other races if not for their nickname.  "Yiplings" are always remembered as annoyingly noisy creatures who bark at the slightest provocation.  This provocation is usually another dogbold's barking, which can set off a mind-splitting chain-reaction lasting for an hour at the worst.

The good news about dogbolds, however, is that their march to war is always easily discovered.  They're extremely fierce in battle, but not exceptionally good at making armor or weapons, making it sometimes easy to deal with them by using ranged weaponry.

However, what the yiplings lack in armor, they more than make up for in agility.

Nigh-always in the company of gnolls and gidara, the canem-clans are a scourge to other civilizations.


Dogbolds have an alpha-omega society largely determined by the fierceness of its members.  The strongest take control while the weakest are enslaved by those around them.  They don't put very high emphasis on intellect, which leaves them sorely vulnerable to the tactical prowess of the catfolk empire.


Dogbold clans are amongst the many canem-clans of the Realm of Visva, and so each have individual allegiances or affiliations as dependant on their chieftains.

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