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Call 'em "Land-Dragons," sometimes.  They can be just as deadly, but they aren't usually as intelligent as their winged kin.  Still, as far as land-predators go?  They're top of the chain.


Archaic painting of a human drake-rider, romanticized.

There are many different kinds of this wingless dragon, which lives in as many different areas as their winged kindred.  Drakes are thought to have once ruled the worlds before written word, alongside the Draconian races and their winged masters.

Legends often tell of "drake-riders," particularly amongst the elven races, who were blessed by dragons to dominate the lesser dragonfolk as steeds or dogs-of-war.

Black Drake

Predominantly found in swamps, the black drake is a terribly venomous creature and infamously cruel to its prey.

Blue Drake

The blue drakes are found in the north, alongside white drakes.  They have an affinity to lightning.  However, they're also particularly fond of watery depths.

Brown Drake

The brown drake is a dune-running creature with a noxious breath.  They are more commonly found underground than other drakes, and are extremely fond of crags or canyons.  Sometimes the brown drake is also called a "sand drake."

Green Drake

The green drake is another swamp-dwelling dragonoid, but is also more dominantly found in any leafy area.

Red Drake

Instinctually pyromania-driven, the red-drake is a fire-breathing sort and tends to congregate in volcanoes.  They're also often known as "magma drakes."

White Drake

Frost-breathing white drakes favor the tundra.