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Loyalty can run deeper than life and death.


A horde of Draugr.

Draugr are a type of undead very similar to zombies.  Appearing mostly in the north, the draugr tend to act as eternal guardians to tombs and treasure chambers.  They are stronger and faster than regular zombies, unaffected by rigor mortis and still capable of wielding the weaponry they had in life.  They also tend to resist most wounds inflicted by non-magical weapons.

Draugr are sometimes created through magical means by some kind of sorceror or necromancer, but often enough they create themselves, clinging to life and a sense of duty.

Notable appearances

Several draugr were killed by Oleg the Northman when he claimed his magic greatsword.  The four dwarven draugr who guarded the tomb of Snorri Grimsblood were controlled with him when he was raised by the Wizened.  Having recently been empowered by the Morrigan as her avatar, Eros Sanguis has gained the ability to summon Draugr soldiers to do his bidding.