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Dreamfolk are the primary denizens of the Realm of Dreams.  They are a mysterious race of outsiders, known to only a few mortal beings on Midgard or any other realms. 


Dreamfolk have blue skin, large black eyes, and slits where most humanoids have noses.  They are typically from 6'5" to 7'5" and weigh less than 100 pounds.  They wear togas of billowing, ever-changing colors and sandals made of a soft, cloud-like material.

Dreamfolk of Eisheth, sometimes known as Nightmarefolk or Nightmarekin, often display other features, such as needle-like teeth, eye-stalks, and multiple limbs. 


The culture of the dream people is very mysterious, even to those who know of their existence.  What is known is that they dwell in fantastical cities in the deeper reaches of the Dream Realm, and are almost all consumed by the worship of Morpheus and Eisheth.  Some Dreamfolk are known to keep some of the more savage Living Dreams as pets.


The majority of the Dreamfolk are servants and worshippers of Morpheus, the God of Dreams. 

Some, however, are adherents to Eisheth, the Goddess of Nightmares.  A new practice has begun among the Dreamfolk of Eisheth to worship Samael along with their goddess.

Known Members

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