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The Horrific Dullahan.

A Dullahan, also known as a Headless Horseman, is a type of undead whose head has been removed, and who typically rides a horse.


A Dullahan has no head.  They can either be created after the head has been severed, or at the time the body is beheaded, depending on how the creature is made.  Sometimes necromantic energy naturally seeps into the body at the time of death, and at other times they are "blessed" by fairies, often Unseelie fae.

The prime motivations of any Dullahan are finding their head and/or revenge.  Often these two goals intersect, as whoever killed the person who became a Dullahan took their head.  Most often the Dullahan takes their revenge by beheading the offender.  However cruel fate generally does not release the Headless Horseman from their curse by this alone, and most often the only way for them to move on is to rejoin their head with their body.

Powers and Abilities

Dullahans are undead, and like most undead do not feel pain.  They are physically quite powerful, and possess all the skill they did in life.  If born out of a sense of vengeance, a headless horseman can always tell in which direction his killer lies, and can generally sense when their family members are close as well.  An unearthly chill typically pervades the weapons wielded by the Dullahan.

A Dullahan's horse is often a magical creature, undead or fey, which he can summon or dismiss at will.  These spectral creatures are loyal only to their rider, and cannot be tamed by mere mortals.


Dullahans make few alliances.  If created by fey, they are generally beholden to their creator, though often they seek a way to free themselves and punish their controller.  Several dwell within Necropolis, but they are not especially loyal to the rulers there.

A number of Dullahans also dwell within Solas Gealai, alongside the ordinary Unseelie Fey.  A majority of these Dullahans have taken whatever revenge they sought and now live as vassals to the lords of the Unseelie Court in relative calm.

Known Horsemen

Thadeus Dalmay

Headless Lord Dalmay was a villainous Kasland knight pledged to the House of Barius.  In life he was a strange and much feared man, with all manner of rumor about him.  Eventually some truth to the rumors was discovered, when Lord Carmill Barius discovered that Lord Thadeus was kidnapping, cooking, and eating Halfling villagers.  Barius besieged Darkwatch Tower and brought justice to Lord Dalmay and his servants, beheading Thadeus for his heinous crimes.  The tower was abandoned after that and since then passersby have said they could hear screams and the cries of horses coming from the ruin.