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A dwarven warrior.

When the dwarves disappeared, it was as though a great measure of joy drained out of the world.


Dwarves are short, stout humanoids, typically three quarters the size of humans but more powerfully built physically.  The men tend to wear large beards and the women are often quite busty. 

Their burly physique makes dwarves natural workers, favoring mining, smithing, and construction especially.  This extends to their martial prowess as well, favoring weapons that benefit from their muscle such as hammers, picks, axes, and heavy swords.


A typical dwarven fortress, not yet on fire.

Dwarves most often live in great fortresses and mansions built into mountains and cliffs.  These dwarven holds were designed to be self-sufficient, capable of sustaining the dwarves living there without reliance on other fortresses or aid from other races. 

Dwarven craftmanship is often highly-prized by other races for its quality and durability.  Their runework is also well respected, being among the greatest wielders of rune magic.


Duergar are a sub-race of dwarves who dwell deep underground.  Unlike dwarves who regularly leave their fortresses and interact with the surface races,  Duergar can go for years without ever seeing the sun.


After developing many of their fortresses the dwarves began interacting with eachother and their neighbors of other races, in both friendly and unfriendly ways.  They often sent troops to aid the good-alligned races when demons or Heretics threatened Midgard.

A dwarf maiden.

Somewhat recently, tragedy struck the dwarves when the Symphonis Aeon was used to revive a slain Nirvana, causing the genocide of both the dwarven and orcish peoples.  Dwarves almost went extinct, and only recently have begun to recover from the tragedy.


While the dwarves often lived independently in their fortresses, they were known to form small nations and confederations.  They also occasionally allied with other races, such as humans and elves, to fight greater foes, like orc clans or Heretics.

Notable members


A legendary and powerful half-dwarf/half-giant.

Snorri Grimblood

Snorri was a powerful dwarven thane who wielded the great rune-axe, Wyrmsbane.  He killed many dragons near his northern fortress before his demise.  While he has been dead for many centuries, he was recently revived as an undead creature by the lich Father Atumbolt, still wielding his rune-axe.

Filo Fadjusen

A dwarven mage of the Republic skilled in rune magic and cooking.  While he survived the dwarven genocide, he has been in a deep depression ever since.

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