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The Expedition to Esfera is a bold adventure of discovery and exploration headed up by the Mage Republic and Kasland to find new and exciting things on the Realm of Esfera.

Expedition Members


Expedition Leader: Melchior Ogenwilde, bit of a madman who went just about literally nuts over the chance to explore new realms for the Republic. Despite having questionable sanity, he is extremely capable.

Medic: Raptinus Riggori, Ogenwilde's trusted medic--a man perhaps just as insane. Not selected by the Republic itself--and therefore of dubious background.

Guard Captain: Kevin Fanafel, nephew to the Republic's General and hoping to impress those back home.

Chronicler: Erin Ponsil

Kasland Representative: Rufus Tenniere, The Hempen Prince

Republic Staff

Mirlee Sparkletree, Halfling archaeologist and seeker of forbidden knowledge.

Melisa Halit, researcher studying tantric and astral magic.

Peter Pembrooke, Translator

Fey Miochiv, gnomish engineer / mechanic--present to maintain and operate the "expeditionary equipment." She's not very fond of Mirlee.


"Mage Hand" Gideon Sebring

Louis Moerlein - Mage-knight of Adjunct Ponsil

Kino Zaimek - Mage-knight of Adjunct Halit

Ze'ev - Protector / Bedknight of Mirlee Sparkletree.

Kasland Staff

Eldon Hilltopple, Quartermaster and cook for the Kasland group.

Sir Mathis Therius

Ludo Barleycorn


Lord Montblanc Thornsby, Ophelian huntsman. He hunted many creatures in his homeland, and Drakonia, and now wants to see what he can bring down on Esfera.

Martin Halit, assistant to Adjunct Melisa Halit.

Mokuro, a Zhao martial artist styling himself "The Jiang-shi"

Todel Merrick, Lauste-born treasure seeker and adventurer.

Erica Cooper, Kaslander adventurer with quick hands.

Jorg Apfelboden II, a well-born Kasland landsman's son who is overly eager to distinguish himself in polite society. He is accompanied by a pair of..."farmhands."

  • Laira Dolorea & Rhys Shaw, a pair of "farmhands" who accompany Jorg Apfelboden II to protect Jorg Apfelboden I's interests.

Jesto of Uba, Naiorc Lao-Warrior and lover of Balaulli--who insisted on going along due to not trusting the peculiar band of visitors.

Balaulli of Uba, Naiorc Lao-Caller and lover of Jesto--selected as a guide for the expedition.

Talon, a "Killer Crow" from Kasisland.