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Fairies of Wa'Aye

Seelie Court

  • Abatwa --Ant fairy.
  • al-Mi'raj --A golden hare with an antelope-like horn sprouting from its forehead, sharing the magical prowess of a unicorn and the ability to shapeshift into nymph-like women with hare-ears and a horn.

Unseelie Court

  • "Basket Monster" -- Nasty type of mimic that takes the appearance of a wicker basket, the likes of which is typically used as a cradle for children. It has a particular fondness for eating infants.
  • Biloko -- Giant, crocodile-toothed fae who love devouring human flesh--preferring females--and delighting specifically in the eyes, liver, or heart. There are also dwarf biloko known as eloko.
  • Eloko -- Grass-bearded and crocodile-toothed fae using enchanted bells to hypnotize people into searching for them, at which point they ravenously devour their victims.
  • Hyenamen -- Ravenous hyena-spirits who possess and warp men in order to feed.

Wild Court

  • Abada --A very small type of unicorn bearing greater resemblance to an antelope with a rhino-like horn on its nose and a single, long, antelope-like horn on its forehead.
  • Bisimbi -- Extremely dangerous kind of water-nymph, the ire-of-which is believed to be why Wa'Aye is so dry. They are said to live in the salt-oceans.

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