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The Fairies of Mir are some of the most prominent outside of Fairyland itself, existing in extremely large amounts across the realm. They are also almost entirely Wild Fae, related to none of the Fairy Courts and more often than not independent.

Fairies of Mir

Bannik - A bathhouse spirit, responsible for bringing good luck and comfort to bathers, though they are expected to give him offerings and personal time to use the bath.

Baubas - A malicious boogeyman-type fairy, fond of anything from kidnapping and murder to only stifling people in their activities.

Black Dogs - Outsiders, though still commonly found. Powerful.

Brownies - The least of Fae on Mir. Small and frightened.


Dahus - A type of mountain-deer with legs on one side longer than the other.

Domovoi - House fairies, usually related to a family. Some say they are the spirits of ancestors.

Dullahans - Undead created by fae powers. Headless horsemen.

Leshy - Plant-taurs. Devoted to plant life.

Kikimora - Bird-like housekeepers.

Nixies - River fairies, powerful and mysterious.

Nuckelavee - Horrible combinations of man and horse, devoid of skin.

Ovinnik - Malevolent harvest spirits, fond of burning crops.

Poludnika - A powerful harvest watcher.

Redcaps - Malicious, murderous fae who cover their hats in blood.

Selkies - Sea-fairies related somewhat to the Nixies. Shapeshifters.

Threshers - Tree-like fairy creatures.

And a host of other, less definable beings.

Fae-like Beings

Some on Mir are not full Fairies but are instead Fae-touched or a Fae-race that is not wholy fae.  They share many of the fey strengths and weaknesses.

Boggards - Nasty toad-men.

Goblins - Similar to their cousins on other realms, though more closely tied to fae.

Huldri - Fox-people of Mir. Possibly related to Kitsunes.

Rusulki - Creatures made of ice and snow, the children of Lady Rusulka and Morezko.

Samodiva Harpies

Kauka Trolls