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Gaianism is the primary Midgardian Natural religion, worshipping nature as well as the natural gods of Midgard, primarily Gaia and Nirvana.


Gaianism is one of the oldest and most basic religions on Midgard, practiced all over the world.  While there are many variations of the faith, they are all based around the respect and veneration of nature and the world.

The teachings of Gaianism say that Gaia gave the world to all those that live there.  It is the duty of the beings living on Midgard to venerate Gaia the creator and to protect the realm she gave to her worshippers.  The religion does not deny the worship of other deities, but holds the core goddess above the rest.

The Nirvanan sect of Gaianism is focused specifically on veneration of Nirvana.


The major clergy of Gaianism are druids.  Dryads in Dryas often act as religious leaders as well, as do the few Kitsunes who still live.


Gaianism is the chief faith of Wood Elves and is heavily practiced in the city-state of Paidarel-Shoa.  The Nirvanan variation of Gaianism is the state religion of the nation of Dryas, as Nirvana is the life-based country's ruler.  Nirvana has also spread her worship to the Coalition on Gama Nueve.

With the recent liberation of Kasland from Harmonians, Lord Alantel Barius brought his worship of Nirvana home with him.  After freeing Kiyora, a Kitsune, from imprisonment he worked with her to begin spreading Nirvana's faith throughout his homeland, and Nirvana's agricultural blessings have earned her a swiftly growing following.

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