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Stepping on ants isn't nice friend. Think about what it must feel like to be the ant.

There are worse ways to die in the north than the cold.


Giants live up to their names, with the smallest of their race standing over ten feet tall, and others said to be up to a hundred feet.  Most of their race wear simple clothes, hides of many animals stitched together or of a great one like a mammoth, or the tent of a smaller races worn as a loincloth or toga.  They also use simple weapons, clubs made from trees and thrown boulders.  Some of the great ones however possess properly forged arms and armor.

Giants are native to the frigid northern lands, but they are known to dwell further south in greener lands.  There has also been rumor of desert and sea dwelling types of giants.


The culture of giants is simple and brutal.  Most of them are solitary creatures, spending years at a time without seeing another giant.  They often will not seek out another giant for any reason unless they feel the urge to mate, the sound of which shakes mountains and wakes villages.  Further, there is no gender difference between giants.  A traveller is just as likely to be waylaid be a female giant warrior as a male one.

Giants have been known however to form gangs and clans from time to time.

An armed and armored giant warrior.


The giants were called to the banner of The King of Winter.  Many came as well, pledging to help the fae god exterminate the lesser races from the world and bring in the infinite winter.  After Dagda's defeat in the Freelands however, they left the coalition, some of them forming new gangs and clans.

There are also giants serving together in the new greenskin nation of Votar.  They share many cultural values with the other greenskins.

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