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Scorpion warrior of the wasteland.

The Girtablilu or Scorpion-folk are a race of half-scorpion people natve to the plane of Mezarlik.


Girtablilu have the upper body of a humanoid, usually elven in appearance, atop the body of a giant scorpion.  Their stingers contain a powerful paralytic poison that can prove deadly to smaller animals, though is perfect for incapacitating humanoids.  Girtablilu bodies are physically powerful, easily able to overcome even a savage orc, and the chitinous plates covering their lower halves make excellent armor.

Girtablilu are carnivorous, and not too choosy about where they get their meat from.  They do however prefer it raw over cooked.

The scorpion and humanoid forms of the Girtablilu combine when it comes to mating and child rearing, with the female laying a number of eggs that a male fertilizes.  The two then form a tight family unit with the Girtablilu babies who survive the hatching, raising them together with help from their tribe.


Scorpion-folk have a tribal-familial sort of society, even when they served their elven makers.  The tribe is ruled by its eldest members, who dictate the rituals and cultural activities for their tribe, while also acting as an intermediary for them to the elves or other rulers. Without masters the tribal elders command all aspects of the tribe.


Girtablilu assassin.

In the past, Girtablilu were the servants or slaves of the elven empires of Mezarlik, but with all of those elves extinct the scorpion people have become independent.  Some serve the Rotwrap Dynasty, and others band together to raid the settlements of orcs and humans.

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