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You want to know what a grick is, boy?  It's an abomination from another world.  A planar maggot!


A good way to ruin someone's day.

Just as they've been called by conjurors, a grick is considered a "planar maggot" which slips between worlds by "hitch-hiking" on summoned outsiders.  They typically come into a realm by living on an elemental.  Elementals lack the ability to become aware of a grick's presence, though others are swift enough to regret such incapabilities.

With the visage of a slug and octopus hybrid, a grick can spit acid up to thirty feet away and dissolve most organic things.  They then use their tendril-like tongues to soak up the dissolved flesh and sustain themselves on it.  Gricks chase anything with a beating heart, but otherwise ignore the unliving.