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I just can't get over how much they look like children.

A typical halfling traveler.


Halflings are usually over three feet but rarely over four feet in height.  They come in two general variations: country halflings and city halflings.  Country halflings tend to be more easy-going farmers,  spending their time tending their fields, relaxing, or having celebrations.  City halflings  are usually more active, always moving around and chatting with people.


Country halflings have a laid back culture, prefering to sit around and relax when they are not working their fields.  They are skilled cooks, and several country halflings often come together to prepare great feasts for their villages. For mounts, country halflings raise large dogs they can ride, and often treat them as members of their families.  Other halflings raise ponies to ride, and when they grow into full-sized horses, sell them to humans.

A city-dwelling halfling thief.

City halflings tend to live much more fast-paced lives.  In contrast to their country cousins, they are always moving around, making friends and being jovial.  City halflings are also somewhat more likely to become thieves or undertake other criminal activities.


Country halflings tend to worship local harvest spirits and gods.

City halflings usually, if they are religious, follow whatever religion is practiced by the people of the city they live in.


The halflings of Kasland tend to associate more comfortably with their fellow native Kasland humans, who have more in common with their way of life, than they do with their more recent Harmonian overlords.

City halflings mostly identify as citizens of whatever city/nation they live in.  They are fairly common within the Mage Republic,  some cities of Kasland and various free cities.

Famous Members

Mirlee Sparkletree

Mirlee is an adjunct of the Mage Republic who majored in the study of Eldritch magic with a minor in additional dark magic research.  Shortly after graduation she received a small grant to undertake a solo expedition to Heresh to study old Heretic ruins.  There Mirlee met Wild Wolf, possibly the last living war elf.  He worked as a mercenary bodyguard for her for some time, before they both ended up travelling to Anserak for a time.  While in Anserak Mirlee proved her mettle as a mage several times, once when she protected her party from a creation of Olihoot's, and again later when she came to understand how to cast magic in the Hell plane.  There she also met with the warden of the Daemons.  Currently, she is back in Lauste, helping Sholan Rabanion gain some measure of control over the Eldritch powers coursing through her body.

On Other Realms

Halflings are present on planes other than Midgard.

On Esfera

Halflings of Esfera break into two main groups, the civilized, agrarian Halflings of Seagarden, and the savage, underdeveloped Pygmies of wild islands.

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