Realm of Midgard Wiki

Heaven is the holy afterlife, where good and redeemed souls travel after death and penance.  It is known by many names, some for specific locations in Heaven, including Valhalla, Paradise, Tian, and Elysium.


Heaven's exact origin is unknown.  There are some who say that the gods, or one specific god, created it as a place for themselves to dwell and/or for their worshippers to travel to after they die.  Others say it was born from the Void itself as a point of good for all mortals to look up to.  What is known is that the realm of Heaven stands in opposition to Anserak.


The Gates of Heaven

Also known as The Pearly Gates.  This is the only regular entrance to the Plane of Heaven, and as such is heavily guarded by powerful angels and dead warriors.


The High Halls of Valhalla are where great warriors end up, to feast and fight for eternity.  There are feasting halls and practice rings.

The Divine Armory

An immense armory where many weapons, divine, magical, and even mundane, are stored.  They are collected from all realms, both Greater and Mortal, often brought along with dead warriors who receive a warror's funeral.

The Golden Fields

Also known as The Elysian Fields.  They are vast and mostly empty, but also peaceful and serene.  Many of the dead spend their time here in peaceful relaxation or contemplation.  Streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes are also scattered around, where dead souls swim.

The Temple of Knowledge

Home to the angel Ithuriel.  The temple is built like an immense library, where studious mortal souls can study and learn for eternity.

Divine Embassy

A divine meeting place for Gods, their servants, and other powerful Outsiders.



Angels are artificially born beings created by Heaven itself.


Many gods make their homes in Heaven.


Outsiders of Order, often found on the Lawfully-aligned portions of Heaven.

Mortal souls

Many good souls find their way to Heaven after death.  Among them are many Einherjar.