Realm of Midgard Wiki

This index tracks the religions of Midgard and other realms.

Midgardian Religions

Angelicism - Veneration of the Angels in the place of Gods, an aurumic religion.

Atheism - The backwards belief that there are no higher powers at work.

Death Cults - Venerate death itself as the natural end of all things.

Deep Faith - Venerates The DeepLord and other sea deities.

Derro Mad Faith - The insane backwards-faith of the Derro.

Diabolism - Veneration of Samael and the Demon Lords.

Five Gods Faith - Worships the Five Gods of Wuxing in Diguofeng.

Gaianism - Veneration of Gaia and Nirvana, a druidic religion.

Hereticism - Veneration of Netheroc, an eldritch religion.

Lilian Sex-Cults - Druidic covens who worshipped the Lilitu.

Ophelian Faith - Worships Liliana of Ophelia as a deity.

Ovianism - Veneration of Micheal Ove as a Saint and Savior of Humanity, an aurumic religion.

Razvratism - Hedonistic religion started by Eros Sanguis on Mir.

Outsider Religions

Angelicism - As above, lesser angels prescribe to this faith as well.

Mechanical Universalism - The most wide-spread and least organized faith in Urheim, respects the idea of Deus ex Machina as the source of power in Urheim.