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"Have a beer, find a party, tell your stories!  Azirians live life to the fullest and always find adventure!"


Many of the most successful conquests in the dry regions of the Westlands have relied upon mercenary armies from Azir.  Known for being excellent mercenaries, pirates, and partiers, many lords have often bargained with the Azirians for their services.  During the reign of the Empire of Zhalam, Azirian mercenaries were not employed.  Instead, Zhalam sought to fully seize the arid grasslands.  Although they succeeded for a time, the Huxian revolt was a catalyst for the Azirian uprising that eventually saw the Zhalamic invaders driven out.


Azir is primarily filled with humans.  There is a major Huxian encampment in the middle of the desert at Teri Oasis, however.


The Azirians govern themselves through numerous Great Houses and a tribe-like culture.  They do not believe in the use of coin and instead barter for their many needs.  Survivalists as a whole, most Azirian families are responsible for crafting many of the things they need on their own.  This means that every Azirian settlement is home to nearly a dozen different beers.

Azirians are very hospitable and will welcome foreigners to their tables for beer and food.  Their love of adventure and stories generally means that foreigners pay their hosts with tales of their travels.  As most travelers in the region are with caravans or possess tents, no Azirian town is equipped with an inn.  Instead, visitors usually pitch their tents or sleep in their wagons.

Most famously, Azirian temperaments are wildly different from many other places.  Short of wronging someone through grevious crimes, Azirians are extremely slow to hold a grudge.  In believing that life should be lived to its fullest, hatred and long-lasting grudges are uncommon.  An Azirian man may insult another's wife and fight themselves bloody, only to seem like the best of comrades barely an hour later.


Azirians are loyal to whomever buys their aid.  They make fine mercenaries and finer pirates, although the rise of Nereid activity in the oceans has forced them to sail far less than they'd like.

Famous Members

Dourgas al-Zhaje (Jason Momoa)

As far adventurous Azirians come, Dourgas is one of the most adventurous of them all.  Of Great House Zhaje, Dourgas is a very tall and well-built man with sun-tanned skin and a head covered in thick brown dreadlocks.  His full goatee has some length to it, and he's usually found in leather armor with no less than five-to-six weapons with him at all times.  He has seen a great deal of battle and traveled much of the Western Continent.