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The kingdom of Dinnewrac was a northern kingdom based primarily in the region of Dinnewrac, northern Volcovia. 


The Kingdom of Dinnewrac was founded after the fall of the Holy Empire and persisted for some time afterward, creating a small form of order in the otherwise chaotic and lawless Northern lands.  It was formed chiefly to unite the northerners so that they may survive against the varying terrors and enemies that might try to wipe them out.

After surviving Heretics, Svar, and an army of fae, the Kingdom of Dinnewrac was finally torn apart by the Wizened, the survivors then annexed, driven out, or enslaved by the Votar nation that rose up from the Wizened's efforts.  Only a few of the smaller, outlying thanedoms remain truly independent.


The primary races of the Kingdom were Northern Humans, some of which were of the Rizgaaric ethnic group, and a fair amount of Dwarves.  There were also some southern-dwelling humans and the odd half-orc or half-elf.


While called a Kingdom and indeed ruled by a King, Dinnewrac did not have great feudal unity, acting as more of a confederacy of like-minded Northerners.  While the King directed the nations actions, he was not paid tribute by the various jarls, thanes and magistrates under him, who governed their own territories with general independence.

The military of the nation was made up of various northern warriors, vikings, and some knights, usually relying on their brute strength to overcome obstacles.


Dinnewrac had something of a civilized warrior culture, parts of which were annexed into Votar.  They prized physical strength, both in combat actions and in other acts, such as manual labor.  While most of the Northerners in the nation were free, slavery was present in some corners of the Kingdom.  A particularly impressive slave could, however, win their freedom through displays of strength and bravery.


The Kingdom was economically friendly with both Harmonia and Ophelia, as well as Coldumbria a number of dwarven fortresses, before the genocide.

Dinnewrac, due to its proximity to Heresh, had a long standing hatred of giants, Heretics, and trolls.