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What nasty little lizard dogs. I wonder if we can teach them any good tricks?

A kobold rushes to serve its dragon master.


Kobolds are short, ratty, draconian creatures.   They are very short, between 3 and 4 feet in height, with wiry bodies and tails.  They are simple and savage, quick to attack an enemy and even quicker to cower when that enemy proves too strong for them to kill.

A dragon priest venerates his master.


Kobolds generally live in small tribes of only a few dozen.  They have a theocratic society, with dragon priests leading the tribe.  However, the true ruler of any proper kobold tribe is a dragon.  Kobolds see dragons as terrestrial gods, and build their society around serving them.  Some tribes do live without a dragon to rule them, either because they grew without one around, or, more likely, their dragon master was slain.  These tribes usually settle down in an area they can raid other races' villages from while waiting for a new dragon to take control of them.


Kobold tribes rarely keep any form of alliance by themselves.  They owe allegiance to the dragon that controls their tribe, and will form alliances with the tribes of dragons allied to their dragon.

Famous Members


Vont is the last remaining kobold in service to the white dragon, Folaranetia.  He has served her for most of his short life brewing tea.


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