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Krylen Bloodroot, Vampire noblewoman.

Ambitious and beautiful, but also quite deadly.


Female Elven Vampire noblewoman.  Krylen was made centuries ago by the Darkfire clan of Necropolis, and ascended for a time to rulership over all the Gravelands, before being deposed by the returned Vanessa Darkfire and rescued by Eros Sanguis.


Krylen once served the Darkfire clan, but when the last queen Vanessa disappeared she decided to attempt to become the ruler of the Gravelands herself.  This plan was thwarted when Vanessa re-appeared, and when Eros "rescued" her she was forced to become his slave.  She has since grown more accustomed to her position, doing whatever she can to improve her position.

Common Knowledge

Many throughout the Gravelands know of Krylen Bloodroot. Of the bleak land's undead nobility, she is thought of somewhere between a stray pet to a foolish upstart, and to the peasantry she is considered just one in a long line of horrific despots.

Important History

-Kidnapped from her home and kept as a servant to the Darkfire Vampire clan of Necropolis. Eventually she was also turned into a vampire herself

-Tried to rule over Necropolis in the absence of the proper Darkfire clan, assisted by dhampir Zachariah Grayash.

-Deposed by Vanessa but spared by the interference of Eros Sanguis.

-Has gone to great lengths to further Eros' vile plot to corrupt the entire Realm of Mir.

Important Relationships

-A once servant and now enemy to the Darkfire vampire clan, especially their current matriarch, Vanessa Darkfire.

-Currently a slave/toy to Eros Sanguis. She has a poor relationship with his other servants, especially Metacl and Timpani, though she is faithfully served by Coco, a Gidara slave she named and turned into a vampire at Eros' command.

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