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Of the more primal druidic magics, one begins to harness Life Energy through sexual means.  None are greater masters of this than the fablesque Lilitu.


Much like a Witch Coven, Lilian Sex-Cults are circles of practitioners of Lilian Sex-Magic -- a form of druidic magic.  Generally circulating around a Lilitu leader rather than a Hag leader, Lilian Sex-Cults make heavy use of the Lilian Sutra and pool together their knowledge for far greater effects than achievable on their own.

In more ancient times, these cults were not so secretive, although the advent of Religions of Order have resulted in the gradual declination from worshipping druidic elements.  Industry and more Elemental Magicks have claimed popularity in the modern eras, though some -- like certain members of the Dryas -- still practice the art.

Known Organizations

There are no known Lilian Sex-Cults still around in the current era, though there are constant dirty rumors about the existence of them.

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