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While the Mage Republic does not possess noble families, it does contain families of importance and power who are fairly similar to nobility. This page functions as a list of those notable families.


The Moerleins are one of the oldest, most important families in the Mage Republic, and were involved in the founding of the nation.

Known family members:

Brandis Spract Moerlein, the patriarch of the family and President of the Republic

Hyle Moerlein

Louis Moerlein

Sasha Moerlein (deceased)


The Emerettes are a powerful, important family in and around Lauste.

Known family members:

Valdo Emerette, the patriarch of the family.

Micah, Valdo's son, and his wife Janice

Kalah, Micah and Janice's lovely but sassy daughter.


The Pyrintias are one of the Elemental Families, based around the element of fire.

Known family members:

Garret Pyrintia

Fanil Pyrintia


Another Elemental Family, the Storeens specialize in wind magic.

Known family members:

Boria Storeen

Victol Storeen


The Halits are an old family of Lauste.

Known family members:

Martin Halit

Melisa Halit


The Timalts have gained great prestiege recently as Serim has become the youngest Superintendent in the Republic's history.

Known family members:

Orvil Timalt

Serim Timalt


The Majendir family has grown recently important, turning out several skilled Mage-knights.

Known family members:

Oliver Majendir

Justin Majendir

Cecil Majendir


The Forils have a long history of taking risks with investments and experiments, leading to more failures than successes.

Known family members:

Antivar Foril

Liada Foril


The Sebrings are a family with many dark rumors about them, often considered to be dangerous and villainous mages.

Known family members:

Rodil Sebring

Valis Paelim

Stasi Sebring

Gideon Sebring


The Petrius family of Nizeya has had great success in both golem works and politics.

Known family members:

Ulam Petrius

Ulam's son, Bantin.


The Silock family has routinely turned out fine mages for years, and are closely tied with the Conjurors Guild.

Known family members:

Cyril Silock

Ludia Silock


The icey Elemental Family, Frostscepters are often considered a cold and impersonal family.

Known family members:

Rafil Frostscepter, the family patriarch


The Sicora family has ruled over the city-state of Efust since before there was a Mage Republic.

Known family members:

Quentin Sicora (deceased)

Tobin Sicora


The Sawils had been retainers to the Sicoras in Efust before the Republic was founded, and after continued to serve the city-state in many capacities.

Known family members:

Kyle Sawil

Belug Sawil