List of Tanerian Families

This will serve as a list of Tanerian noble families.


The royal family of Taneria is descended from the royal family of old Omnikron, from which they take their name.  They rule the kingdom of Taneria from their capital of New Omnikron.  The sigil of the Omnikronus family is the sign of the old city-state of Omnikron, a castle with diamonds above its three towers. 

Known family members:

Queen Anvelia Omnikronus (deceased)

King Baldwin Omnikronus (deceased)

King Titus Omnikronus

Detriella Arnatsta


The Arnatstas are loyal retainers of the royal family, serving as advisors and diplomats.

Known family members:

Sinan Arnatsta (deceased)

Ranta Arnatsta

Ruigin Arnatsta


The Makudars are a powerful family of warriors and knights. 

Known family members:

Jorim Makudar

Gein Makudar

Faisa Almarq

Ahmud Makudar


Warriors with more desert dweller in their family tree than most Tanerians, the Almarqs are a mighty warrior family. The Almarq family coat of arms is a scimitar crossing a longsword.

Known family members:

Ishmal Almarq (deceased)

Zudsel Almarq

Ashwan Almarq


The Naturs have been skilled magic users for generations, which has resulted in many members of their family being born elemental kin, chiefly Oreads and Waveborn.

Known family members:

Genasi Natur (deceased)

Radu Natur

Torig Natur

Grislan Natur

Sindar Natur

Breezy Natur


The Graysands knights defend the village of Sand Hill, located just north of New Omnikron.  Their family sigil is a gray kite shield on a tan background.

Known family members:

Sir Abram Graysands


Hanwel is a family in service to the Almarqs.  As such they are trained warriors.  The patriarch of the Hanwel family is traditionally armed with Coldsnap, a magic battleaxe from Old Omnikron.

Known family members:

Sibelle Almarq (deceased)

Aibek Hanwel


The Barbray family has been great horsemen and camel riders for years, raising the beasts of burden for many generations as well.  The Barbray family crest shows a hippocampus coming from the waves, on light blue.

Known family members:

Kemal Barbray


The Magrev knights are loyal knights who have stood as defenders of the royal Omnikronus family since they came to Taneria from Omnikron.  Their family sigil is a silvery anchor inside of a teal diamond, on a blue field.

Known family members:

Oran Magrev (deceased)

Hazir Magrev

Piyali Barbray

Sir Zymer Magrev


The Bouza clan are retainers to the Makudar clan.

Known family members:

Hernand Bouza


The Karnedi family is a minor one based out of New Omnikron, with possession of a number of trade contracts.  They seek to become wealthy merchants with the new alliances with Votar.

Known family members:

Hamid Karnedi

Lukan Karnedi


Memluk cavaliers come heavily from native desert stock, and are skilled camel riders and trainers.

Known family members:

Janus Memluk


The mighty Saljook clan of warriors have long been vassals to the Almarqs.

Known family members:

Yusuf Saljook


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