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  • Cherny "Charlie" assigned as mercenary bodyguard of Princess Requima, who has similarly been given the lands of Alphorne (seven settlements: Sharpton, Notewood, Alphornkeep, Edgeton, Clefthill, Shadotor, Sleetfall) and the menial holdings of Lady Corona (four settlements and an estate: Volumea, Moltobridge, Lacrimbrook, Veradolce, and the "Pieno River Manor").
  • The Wedding of Alantel Barius & Murielle tu'Cielle did not go swimmingly. Lilac possessed a butler and half the guests died. Requima died, only to be resurrected by "uncertain means" which is believed to be the work of angels.
  • Half the population of Kasland goes missing overnight. Viscount Volya Falk, with the backing of the King, initiated enslavement of monsters.
  • Bandits under the guise of Dryas-worshippers terrorize people, giving rise to the "Men of Midgard aka Mengard" movement--the lower classes defending themselves and wanting to have equal rights instead of living at the whims of nobility--led by "Paul Bauer."
  • Nirvana approaches the mortal nations with a decree that all who wish to join Dryas may declare their land free of mortal law, as long as they follow her laws; surrendering the use of industry and coin and returning to natural roots/druidic ways.
  • Revitalization of Nirvana, who uses her power to wipe the Saurians from the realm.
  • Saurians invade Vysanus once more, Dryas mobilizes.
  • Lauste sacked by Lilac.
  • Imperial Ch'ma begins invasion of Azir.
  • Establishment of Symphonian "Trinity Atoll" Colony in Esfera, by Prince Lint and Princess Aria.
  • Worshippers of Lilac under attack by Rasvrati Zealotry.
  • Samba declared dead.
  • Dryas and Symphonia driven back from Sauria.
  • Lilac begins to make her move on Mir...beginning with the decadence-worshiping kingdom built by Eros.
  • Dryas takes Vysanus.
  • Catfolk start aggressive conquest and expansion from Nihij. Wardusk driven from Mebeqk.
  • Samba sets out to search for his dragonborn children.
  • Decarabia enslaves and demonizes Kiriko, then is strong-armed into The Outsiders...instructed to secretly instigate "demon invasion" of Royaume.
  • Queen Henrietta implores Symphonia to liberate Irdinias.
  • Cultists of Yptag, Saurian nobility, revolt against Sauria's Elemental Council--pursued into the Underdark, thus causing a war between drow clans and Sauria.
  • "Vandal Army" of Munondo Jecha pillages Cairell.
  • Opportunistic Royaume nobility invading Outono, Visilusia, and Narodstrova--intent on dominating all human life in Esfera.
  • Heretics driven from Esfera. Three major human nations left in ruins.
  • World War of Mir in full swing. (Unseelie Court invades realm.)
  • Eros Sanguis trapped in Mezarlik, alongside his seven other selves.
  • Restoration of Midgard.
  • Samba "La Sombra," widely becoming known as "The Mad Prince," establishes "Euphonia" in the aerie highlands of Wa'Aye.

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