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Mystery doesn't do justice for how enigmatic the Mountain Dog is.

Mountain Dogs

By far the most legendary of Mountain Dogs, Hyeonng.

The Mountain Dog is a dangerous and enigmatic humanoid, naturally found living in secluded and difficult-to-reach villages in the mountains of Midgard.

Males are rare amongst them, and so most villages are ruled by the one-or-two males born to it.  The female mountain dogs are usually subservient to the males, often doing their best to breed and protect them.

Because of the rarity of males, most of them are born with the ability to become greatly aroused by their own gender.  This causes them to adopt more feminine styles of dress and manner.


Although ruled by the males, mountain dog culture is extremely tribal and feminine-driven, for the populations are primarily female.

Their are matrons and wise-women, although all members of the village spend nearly their every waking moment engaged in weapons' training and martial arts.  They are a monastic people, who live religiously and zealously in devotion to the males.

Because of a mountain dog's ability to utilize past-life forward-regression, thereby channeling forward the abilities of their "past selves" and gaining all strengths, abilities, and skills thereof; a mountain dog is actually capable of incestual birthing.  This means every village is essentially a family of mothers, sisters, and a father/brother responsible for their numbers.

Females cover their faces by wearing wicker-masks.


It is difficult to say whether Mountain Dogs consider themselves aligned with anyone other than themselves.  Each male seems to pursue a different goal, with the females of their respect village following behind.

Notable Members


Arguably the most infamous of Mountain Dogs, Hyeonng was one of the "Four Omens" -- a series of mass murderer-marauders who bathed Midgard in a sea of blood for an era.  He currently resides in Anserak as an infernomancer of Lilac/Xel.

White Heron

Grandson of Hyeonng, White Heron fanatically believed in the Tainted-Nirvana's dream of annihilating all civilizations.  He was slain by his brother, Yosele, in Halas.


Mountain Dog, Dog of War, and now armsmaster and army of Demon's Fall.