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Mozheim is the central city of Treboria and seat of the le'Harmonia family.


When Preludero banished Xylophene and their bastard son Elegy from his kingdom, she took the boy and what followers they had to Treboria, settling down near a lake.  As time passed and the boy grew so did the city, named Mozheim.  Elegy's descendents became lords of the whole Treboria region, taking the surname le'Harmonia, in honor of their relation to the original royal family.  One of the few things King Falsetto did in his short range was to visit his distant cousin Nocturne and welcome him into the kingdom of Harmonia.

After Harmonia's fall, the new nation of Symphonia was began in Mozheim, with great assistance from Lord Nocturne.  It remained the base of the country for only so long before King Bolero re-conquered Astara and moved back to Melodica.


The citizens of Mozheim never had the same cultural background as the rest of Harmonia, in part because the Harmonians that founded the city did so before the nation had much culture.  However, with the rise of Symphonia the culture of the other Harmonians was ingrained in the city.


There is almost no crime comitted in the city of Mozheim, due to the city's criminals being used as testing ground for the newly formed Symphonian order of Deathsingers.


The Keep of Mozheim

A lavish keep and residence of the le'Harmonia family.

Song Shrine

A shrine built upon Lake Treboria by Xylophene.

The Singing Sailor

An inn at the dockside owned by Sian Wu and operated by the previous owner, Carol.  The inn plays host to a surprising amount of orphans.

Inkell Manor

The recently built mansion of the playwrite Fatch Inkell.

Famous Citizens

Nocturne le'Harmonia

The current lord of Mozheim and Treboria.  Nocturne is a mysterious, older man with long salt-and-pepper hair.  Many rumors abound about Nocturne, with claims ranging from witchcraft to demon worship to cross-dressing.


An innkeeper, the manager of The Singing Sailor.