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Gnomish golem craft is a fine sight in Nizeya.

Nizeya is the City of Constructs, which produces the majority of the golems and constructs used by the Mage Republic.


Nizeya's history dates back to the Nizey brothers, who settled in the region and built a workshop to construct new golems.  They formed a healthy respect and occasional trade with the neighboring gnomes.  As time passed and the brothers brought on assistants and apprentices, others moved into the land, a village, a town, and eventually a city sprang up around the little workshop.  After both of the brothers died the town was named Nizeya in their honor. 

Nizeya joined the young Mage Republic both from the opportunity to gain new resources for their construct creation and for the chance to compare their works with others in the Republic.  Since that time Nizeya has supplied the Mage Republic with constructs for their military.


The golem masters and other mages of Nizeya have a competitive attitude, with a constant strive to out-do eachother.  This is mainly accomplished in making bigger, stronger, and more outlandish golems.  The officials of Nizeya promote this attitude, and hold annual faires for the citizens to showcase their golem production skill.

Nizeya is also one of the greatest producers of airships in the Mage Republic, behind only the airship factory in the capital city of Lauste


Citadel of Nizeya

Unlike many of the citadels of the Mage Republic, Nizeya's citadel is not adapted from an existing castle. 

Gnome Academy

Nizeya Quarry

A large quarry where several types of stone are mined for mages to build golems with.

The Iron Horse Inn

An inn near the Nizeya Gnome Academy.

Notable Citizens

Archmage Niccolo Fausten

The Archmage of Nizeya.  Niccolo has a lot on his plate, between managing his city, dealing with gnoll incursions and negotiating with the local gnomes.

Ulam Petrius

The councilman representing Nizeya in the Mage Republic. 

Bantin Petrius

The son of Councilman Petrius, studying in Lauste.  Young Bantin is a gawky boy who is unconfident and awkward around others.