]]Really my friend, don't go near the water.

Nuckelavees are horrible, aquatic, Unseelie Fae.

Physical Appearance

The Nuckelavee is a horrible creature that looks like a man combined with the horse he was riding, and then both having all of their skin removed. It reeks of seaweed, salt, and death.

A Nuckelavee's breath (from either mouth) is poison, and they are fond of using it to destroy crops and sicken livestock. Despite being skinless, the Nuckelavee's muscles are very much present, showing outwardly how swift and strong the fairies are.


Though having almost nothing in the way of "culture" Nuckelavees do have certain actions they are drawn to. Most of this is evil. They are threats to travels on shores, seas, and rivers especially, though they have been known to travel further inland. Aside from simply killing or harming people they happen a cross, Nuckelavees often use their poison breath on crops and livestock to ruin the lives of farmers.


While many of their kind are independent, many Nuckelavees are drawn into the service of the Court of the Unseelie. They often serve as cavalry alongside Dullahans.

Known Nuckelavees


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