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There ain't no party like an ogre party, because an ogre party leaves multiple corpses.

They may smell worse than a dead skunk, and they may be dumber than a bag of rocks, but those ogres have a strength like nothing I've seen.


Ogres are big, brutish creatures, usually from eight to twelve feet in height.  They lack many of the things most other sapient creatures possess, such as manners, common decency and basic hygiene.  What they lack in these areas they are more than blessed in raw strength.  Ogres are more physically powerful than most other normal humanoids, second only to giants.

In battle ogres use this immense strength to become true terrors, ripping limbs and crushing bodies while laughing and singing.  One of the most horrific things ogres do in the midst of battle is stop to eat a defeated foe, sometimes before they are even dead.  There are few soldiers who can come away from battle with an ogre mob unphased.

Two heads

Some ogres are magically born with two heads, a brain inhabiting each head.  Diespite this, the ogres are no smarter for their additional heads, denying the old adage that "Two heads are better than one."  The only thing a two-headed ogre does better than a one-headed ogre is bicker.


An ogre will eat most anything that they think they can digest, although they prefer meat.  One of the most sophisticated things ogres can do is create a fire to cook their food.  The results of an ogre cookfire are surprisingly tasty, provided you don't know what has gone into the pot.

Ogre fashion consists primarily of large animal pelts worn as clothing and footwraps, and bone trophies taken from slain foes and worn as necklaces and the like.  Their weapons are mostly things they can bash their foes with, such as clubs or their bare fists.  The clubs tend to be wood and bone.  The only tool any ogres take pride in is one used for cooking.


Many ogres are members of the greenskin nation of Votar, which shares a lot of the same values their simple societies do.  Ogre warriors have benefitted greatly from the weapons and armor forged by their new allies.

Notable Members

Zau Mikar

A Votaar warrior whose name means "Black Beard."  With a brutal scar running through his left eye and a great bardiche, Zau Mikar is the current Warlord of Powys.

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