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Oozes, also known as Blobs, Slimes and Jellies, are a species of semi-liquid creatures.


The vast majority of oozes gather their form into a mostly amorphous blob, though there are some that have more identifiable forms, such as worm-like entities or the somewhat iconic Gelatinous Cubes.  They come in a variety of different colors, rarely for any reason.  Oozes possess little in the form of mental capabilities, and no identifiable nervous system, or really any specific body parts.

The body of a slime is acidic, burning anything it touches and breaking down everything that it absorbs into its form.  The ooze's body then turns this into raw nutriment, using some for energy and the rest to grow its body.  This is also the way oozes reproduce, as when they grow to a great enough size they go into a slow process of splitting, producing a new slime.


Oozes are found in many different areas of the world, especially present in caverns, ruins, and swamps.  They are considered quite common in the Darklands, and fairly frequent in appearance in the marshland recesses of Sauria.

Famous Oozes


Ooze Mages

There are those who study oozes to such a degree that they develop the ability to combine their own bodies with them, becoming what is known colloquially as an Ooze Mage.  Most of the few who have obtained this form have done so as a cheap path to immortality, as their ooze form does not age, and can grow larger and stronger as they grow in the way an ooze does. 

The price of becoming an Ooze Mage is constant vigilance, for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the mental discipline needed to maintain control over the slime side of their body, which threatens to consume their mind and turn them into a mindless consuming creature.  The other weakness of being an Ooze Mage is presented in their inability to hold almost anything without causing it to burn at their acidic touch.  This includes other living beings.  With proper concentration and application of magic an Ooze Mage can touch things, but it is difficult even for them.

The Mage Republic considers the Ooze Mage a dangerous being on the same level as a lich, and studying the process, even for academic purposes, requires special permission from an archmage.  Any member of the Republic found to be actually attempting the process of becoming an Ooze Mage receives a death sentence.

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