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Paidarel-Shoa is an elven city in the Steel Leaf Forest and a member of the Mage Republic.

The banner of the Steel Leaf Elves.


The elves of the Steel Leaf Forest built Paidarel-Shoa to organize themselves from the small camps and villages they were dwelling in.  As time went on they drifted more toward the use of druidic magic than the martial combat of other elves.

Paidarel-Shoa joined the Mage Republic as an opportunity both to educate the mages of their druidic and nature-based practices, and to gain a greater understanding of arcane magic for the elf mages of the city-state.


The Steel Leaf elves are in tune with nature.  Many can spend hours of a day simply sitting and contemplating nature. 


Mage Citadel of Paidarel-Shoa

One of the smallest citadels in the Republic, it serves not as a headquarters for the archdruid, but an administration center for the mages of Paidarel-Shoa and representatives from the Republic as a whole.

Shrine of Gaia

A woodland shrine to the Mother spirit of Midgard, located within the city-state.

Notable Citizens

Archdruid Tharivol Mosseye

The archdruid of Paidarel-Shoa, who functions the same as an archmage in any other city-state.

Caladrel Leafblade

The ranger-general of Paidarel-Shoa.


The councilman for Paidarel-Shoa in Lauste.