The hope and fire of civilizations all around the known void, symbol for countless: ever, from the ashes, will they continue to rise.


No one can argue the awe-inspiring beauty of the phoenix.
A powerful symbol in philosophy and a powerful force of magical nature, civilizations everywhere have attributed the phoenix to the cycle of death and rebirth--always looking at it as a metaphoric sign of hope; that no matter how dire something is, one can always rise again from the ashes of ruin.

Unlike elemental birds such as the firebird or thunderbird, the phoenix is a spirit-touched mortal creature.  As the legends say, it constantly goes through a cycle of death and resurrection--immolating itself in white fire when it is ready to die, and then emerging reborn from its own ashes.

Phoenix feathers burn with a heatless fire, although its control of these flames is absolute--capable of using them to sear through mortal and otherworldly material alike.  Many alchemists believe that the "Heart of the Phoenix" is the only means of creating the legendarily-elusive potion of resurrection; owed perhaps to the impossibility of attaining one and the undying nature of the phoenix itself.

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