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Shh!  Don't talk about them, as soon as someone mentions them, they start sprouting out of-- HORK! --Oh, for the love of... See what you've gone and done?


Fat, meaty, and wooly; the rambar is a hick's mash-up between a bug, ram, and a bear.  They have a harmless-enough looking face which compares easily to that of a mosquito, with a pair of ox-like horns curling out of their head.  With six legs and a long feeler-tongue, nobody knows a thing about the rambar.

And most prefer not to talk about them.

Perhaps as a gift of providence, or simply nature's attempt to declare total war on Order, the rambar... spontaneously unburrows at the mention of its name.  Entire herds have sprang up over the course of an hour, when too many people begin discussing them.  In Gama Nueve, where they are found, it took years for settlers to stop themselves from getting into a panic any time the rambars begin to rapidly appear.

Despite their plump size, the burrowing and unburrowing of a rambar causes no harm to those unfortunate enough to experience it.  They don't even create tunnels when emerging from dirt.