Realm of Midgard Wiki

A whole realm of elves? Yeech.

Alfheim is a realm of which the primary denizens are elves.  It is a magical plane, with a close connection to Fairyland.  Some extra-planar scholars believe that Alfheim was the first realm that Elves appeared on.


Many elves worship Elphame and some of the other Fairy Queens.  Among the Drow there has always been some heavy worship of Demons.

Khaelish, the Elven God of War.


As was stated above, the primary races of Alfheim are elves.

High Elves - Magically adept and haughty, High Elves act as nobles above many of the other elves.

Wood Elves - Simplistic elves greatly in-tune with nature and Druidism.

Drow - The Dark Elves, dwelling in great cities and intricate tunnels underground. Generally evil and conniving, as usual.

Nereids/Aquatic elves - Have both seawater and freshwater variations. Most of them live free of the influence of the DeepLord, and intend to keep it that way, forming a secret police to root out His agents.

War Elves - Physically powerful, militaristic elves. Mostly live in nomadic war bands.

Sun Elves - Rare even here, but powerful and well respected.

Driders - Horrible half-elf, half-spider monsters created by Drow fleshcrafters.

Elemental Kin - Born to Elven magic users and those in-tune with the elements. Drow see many Oreads and Nereids see many Waveborn.

Half-Demons and Tieflings - Mostly born among the Drow.

Fairies - Many different kinds filter in.


Treants - Tree-folk, notable friends of the Wood Elves

Hippogriffs - Strange combinations of bird and elk. Preferred mounts of many surface elves.

Hippocampus - Literal sea-horses, often ridden by Sea Elves.

Giant Beasts - Chiefly the giant eagles ridden by High Elves and giant spiders favored by the Drow.


Drow City-States - Ruled by a Matriarch and dedicated to subverting both the surface nations, and eachother. There are probably like nine or something.

War Bands - Falling very loosely under the definition of "nation," the War Bands of the War Elves are massive groups of nomadic warriors trekking across Alfheim in search of challenges. They often act as mercenaries or bandits, though on a massive scale.

The Mage Republic - a magical nation from Midgard, many of the Elves of which fled to Alfheim when Midgard was temporarily destroyed. Since the revival of the realm, much migration has occurred between Paidarel-Shoa and the colony set up by those Elves who came to Alfheim.


Svartalfheim - The massive, underground land of the Dark Elves. The Endless Wood - Most common home of Wood Elves and Fey. Contains portals to Fairyland.


Capricus Bahm - A Satyr commander who has fought both Unseelie and Demonic forces that threaten the sanctity of Alfheim.