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Redcaps are malicious Fey, who delight in slaughter and the spilling of blood. Most of them are aligned with the Court of the Unseelie.


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Redcaps are short, bearded fairies around the size of Gnomes and Halflings. Their most defining physical feature is undoubtedly the red cap from which they draw their name. These caps are not normally red, but become that way from the Redcap's habit of coating them in blood they have spilled.

The Redcap needs to coat its cap in fresh blood, for if their hat ever dries out they begin to weaken and, given enough time, their entire bodies will petrify. For this reason, many Redcaps keep vials or canteens of blood on them, as a small top-of if they cannot find a fresh target quickly. While any blood will do for a Redcap's purposes, they prefer that of intelligent creatures, not only because it is more wicked to kill something that can truly understand fear, but also because they draw more power from that than the blood of a simple, wild animal.

Savvy merchants and peddlers have been known to locate petrified Redcaps from time to time, selling them as "Garden Gnomes" to hapless townsfolk. It is rumored that should blood be spilled on these statues, the Redcap will return to life, and wreak terrible slaughter on anyone nearby.


The lives of Redcaps are focused entirely around the spilling of blood. More-so than their mere need to coat their caps in it, Redcaps delight in violence, reveling in finding new ways to cut and chop. Due to this they get along with few other fae, even among the Unseelie Court. Werewolves are chief among those who befriend Redcaps, but only the most violent and bloodthirsty of their kind are considered proper killers to Redcaps.


Most Redcaps are sworn servants of the Unseelie Court and its dark master, Oberon the Fairy King. They generally serve its "military" efforts as especially brutal assassins.

Famous Members

Scarlet Jary

A sadistic Redcap butcher employed by the Brown Hag, Jary was never without his cleaver and butcher's knives. He attempted to assassinate Prince Samba at Darkreach Tower, but was consumed by the Prince.

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