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Lurking behind the reef.

Click clack! It comes darting through the waves!

Reefclaws are an aquatic race of creatures quite similar to lobsters.

Physical Characteristics

A Reefclaw is an entirely aquatic, lobster-fish creature.  They have the tails of fish but upper bodies of lobster-things covered in spines, with snapping claws at the ends of stubby arms. A full-grown Reefclaw is about the size of a fully grown human man.

Giant Reefclaws are the scourge of shipping lanes. One of them, at least.

There is a variation however, known as the giant Reefclaw, which can grow longer than a fishing boat.  These true sea monsters are dangers to all around them, whether it be sea life, sailors, or even smaller Reefclaws.

Reefclaws are carnivorous, typically dining on the flesh of fish or aquatic mammals, though on rare occassions they catch birds to consume.  They have also been known to eat beastfolk and humanoids when they are able.


Many believe that Reefclaws are simple sea creatures which have no culture.  While this is certainly true of the brutish giant Reefclaw, the more standard size does possess a degree of intellect. Incapable of speech, they appear to communicate with a simple type of sign language that emphasizes the click-clack of their claws.  Though they cannot speak some have been identified as understanding the languages spoken by those they live near, if exposed to the language for long enough.

Groups of Reefclaws vary from solitary hunters, to small family units, to entire dangerous swarms of the things.  While not malicious, Reefclaws show little distinction in what they choose as food, having been observed eating fish, sharks, whales and dolphins as readily as Sharkmen, Humans, Orcs and even Elves.

No form of religion has been identified among the Reefclaws, and they do not have any form of organized leadership, generally following the strongest or swiftest Reefclaw that will most likely lead them to food.

Notable Reeflcaws


A "sea gladiator" in the Aqua Arena of Traville, Bloodsnap is a nasty and brutal fighter with permanently stained claws.  It has won many fights in its time in the Aqua Arena, including taking down a Sharkman single-clawedly.

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