Realm of Midgard Wiki

This is a compilation of useful external resources.


Inspirational Pad Online has a bunch of nifty stuff geared mostly towards DnD.  It has a "Bazaar Contents Generator" and a "Gladiator Generator" that are particularly useful.

Chaotic Shiny has a whole mess of things that are very detailed, like the nation-generator or the map generator.

Seventh Sanctum is useful for various themed names and also has some description-generators.

Serendipity was a favorite of mine.  It had regal and villainous names as well as city and fortress description-generators.  Currently it's undergoing repair after being hit by a virus.

Fantasy Name Generators another good site, with tons of different generators.  INCLUDING a town name-generator.

The Donjon has a bunch of stuff based upon DnD concepts, including a dungeon-generator.  It has name generators as well, but can sometimes be rather unreliable.

Place Name Generator for simple English-style towns like "Coldwick" or "Longbridge."

Resources and Information

Names and Surnames in specific national languages.  There is also a Generator connected to both, which also has links to show you the meanings of the names used.

Fantasy Languages on a website with quite a range of useful information taken from many diferent sources.

DnD References and a Pathfinder Version

Name Builder, Human version.