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The Rhinox (plural: Rhinoxen) of Visva are a race of four legged, centaur-like creatures who roam across vast plains and deserts of Visva.

Physical Description

A Rhinox is a centaur-like creature with tough, leathery gray skin. Their lower body is that of a rhinoceros, while the upper body is more of a rhino-man, with a rhinoceros head (including horns) but a more human-like body. Fully grown they tend to stand somewhere between seven and eight feet in height, and weigh several tons. Rhinoxen are strong and resilient.


The vast majority of Rhinoxen live in small, nomadic tribes and clans. They roam about the savannahs of Visva searching for food and safety, rarely settling in any one place for more than a month. Rhinoxen are herbivores, and detest the taste of meat, cooked or raw. As such they are not trained hunters, though they have been known to become skilled trackers from time to time.

The Rhinoxen are warriors, with the high positions in a tribe held mostly by bulls, while the biggest bull acts as Chief, gaining his title through strength and ruling through experience. Most but not all tribes contain a shaman, wise in the ways of spirits and the gods of Visva.

Rhinox society is fairly equal, with female Rhinoxen expected to carry as much of the work as the males, and neither assumed to have a specific gender-only task other than child raising. The main reason a Rhinox tribe settles for any longer amount of time is so that pregnant females may give birth, and then nurture newborns long enough for them to develop running legs. It does not take long for young Rhinoxen to become strong enough to run, and should they fail to become independently mobile after a certain time, the tribe abandons them. Legends speak of left behind Rhinoxen children who managed to catch up to their tribe again, and these are considered sacred events.


Rhinoxen are independent from the more developed societies of Visva, and do not care highly for most of them. Mahanata catfolk consider them acceptable slaves, should they be captured alone, but will otherwise trade with them. Rakshasa see them as slaves at best and at worst tough, chewy meals. The humans of the Virtus League vary from trying to outwit and manipulate the Rhinoxen, to viewing them as foes to be defeated in battle.

The only known positive relationships the Rhinoxen race have are with Vanara and Yaksha. The monkey-folk sometimes like to play pranks on Rhinoxen they meet, but, with some exceptions, the Rhinoxen take it in stride, finding Vanara to be much more peaceful and honest traders than Catfolk or Humans. The relationship with the Yaksha is much more mysterious, but there are stories of a pact and honor between the two races.

Famous Rhinoxen

None so far.

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