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Destroyer of Ships

They say the sea is a cruel mistress, but the Scylla is the cruel mistress of the sea! Approach at your own peril!

A Scylla is a massive sea monster, combining the worst parts of beasts of land and sea with a terrifying woman.

Physical Description

At first, a Scylla may appear to simply be a giant woman, standing well over ten feet tall. As one comes closer, however, they will hear before seeing the barking and slobbering of dogs, only the heads of which seem to sprout from the bottom of her torso. Where legs would be on a normal woman, Scylla possesses a mass of writhing tentacles, large and powerful enough to tear a ship apart.

Though some stories and poems have described the Scylla as "beautiful," eye-witness accounts claim otherwise. Though there is evident that they once were or could be beautiful, Scyllas' faces are contorted with rage, and often bear numerous scars, though if they were gained in battle or self-inflicted is unknown.


Scylla are hateful, violent monsters who delight in nothing more than wanton destruction and slaughter.


Scylla rarely make allies, preferring to destroy those they encounter. They do however work with other intelligent sea monsters from time to time to destroy even greater works of civilization.

Though it is unknown how the all-female Scylla breed, there is a terrible theory that they take male Krakens as mates. These unions are rumored to produce masses of monstrous offspring, not the least of which are more Scylla and Krakens, though other aquatic horrors may spawn as well.

Notable Scylla

There's one around Gorgades.

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