Seagarden of Esfera

Seagarden is one of the "Half-states" of the Auric Archipelago located on the Realm of Esfera. It is populated primarily by Halflings, and brings in large amounts of money from trade in food and alcohol.


With vast amounts of rich soil, the island of Gardenia has produced copious amounts of food in the form of fruit, vegetables, and healthy animals since the native Halflings were living in simple tribes. Their Gnomish and Goblin neighbors coveted these food resources and the three groups warred incessantly for generations before the Gnomes and Halflings agreed to work together to defeat and subjugate the Goblins.


Seagarden is a merchant republic, ruled over by the heads of several powerful trade families responsible for ensuring the city-state and its citizens prosper.


Like Halflings on other realms, Seagarden Halflings are most concerned with the crafting of fine meals, recipes, and drinks. In Seagarden, however, it has become an art, with the most prestigious honor in the city-state going to the chefs capable of piecing together the most fascinating and delictable meals. It is said that while plenty of wars are fought on the sea, the Halfling's true battles are fought in the kitchen.  There is even rumored to be underground criminal efforts by some chefs to steal the recipes of others.


Most of the locations of Seagarden are in and around the city-state of the same name.


A massive and sprawling city, built more horizontally than vertically. In the inner city around the port all homes have a garden of impressive size, while going further out the properties are closer to organized farms and orchards were large amounts of food are grown in close proximity to the sea.


The dock area of Seagarden, where ships load food stores and unload supplies from other lands. Many fisheries are also set up along Portside.

Market Central

The massive main market street of Seagarden boasts numerous combination restaurants and food shops, selling their wares to those who have business elsewhere but also offering the opportunity to set down and dine.

Uvapiede Estate

A large plantation owned by the illustrious Uvapiede family.


Seagarden is allied with both Flotilla and Zenoa, and has trade agreements with many other civilized nations, though they have often come into conflict with the haughty Humans of Royaume over who has the best wine.

Notable Citizens

Bartocio Uvapiede

An important grape-baron and wine merchant among the Seagarden elite.

Fromagio Mozzarelli

A cheese monger of great importance within central Seagarden. His porky daughter Zola is known as "The Gorgon" for her less-than-comely appearance.

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