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Fiery Sindar Natur


Male Tanerian Flamekin student in Lauste, and a noble from Taneria.  Sindar was sent by his father Torig to Lauste to learn, in contrast to his cousin Radu's idea of training the magic users of his family in Taneria.  He has a fiery personality and big ideas.  The young Tanerian mage student has also formed a clique with other elemental kin, calling themselves the "Elemental Princes."


Sindar is only a student in the Mage Republic, and his true allegiances are to his family and the Tanerian Empire.

Common Knowledge

Sindar is an ambitious student, trying to prove himself great in the eyes of his peers in Lauste and his family.  He also intends to show how great his family is, to the Republic and to his uncle Radu, the head of the main branch of the Natur family.

Important History

-Enrolled in Lauste as a mage student.

Important Relationships

-Son of Torig Natur, who is cousin to Radu Natur, making Sindar not-too-distant family to Grislan and Breezy Natur.

-Formed the new clique that calls themselves the Elemental Princes, after the Elemental Queens.

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