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Oh sure, he seems docile enough now, sunning himself on that rock. But if you put a shadow over him, see how long you'll survive.

Physical Description

Sobekkai warriors are used to getting what they want, one way or another.

Sobekkai are immense, powerfully built crocodile-people. Though they tend to hunch over, their full height - or perhaps length - is usually somewhere over seven feet, closer to eight.  Their skin is leathery and green, with ridges along their backs, and their mouths are packed full or razor-sharp teeth.


Many Sobekkai live in tribes along rivers or around oases in the deserts, while others dwell in the Kingdom of Atummria.  Either way, they enjoy simple pleasures, primarily sunning themselves for long periods of the day, and hunting for game or raiding other civilized groups, in the tribal case.  They are, however, rather quick to anger, and not above biting the heads off of those who displease them.

Sobekkai on Wa'Aye mostly worship Father Crocodile, a fierce swimmer and predator of the waterways of Wa'Aye.


Most Sobekkai are loyal only to themselves and their tribes, though some dwell in the Kingdom of Atummria. Atummria prizes these warriors for their ferocity in battle, and treats them and their families quite well, as soldiers in the cities upper echelons.

Notable Sobekkai


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