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The one riddle they couldn't solve was how to survive.


Sphinxes of Mezarlik are large creatures, with a lion's body, an eagle's wings, and something else's face, usually a humanoid.  They rarely join into large groups, usually acting alone or in pairs.  The Sphinx is carnivorous, enjoying the raw flesh of any animal, though many prefer humanoids.

Due to the dying nature of Mezarlik, its Sphinxes are slowly petrifying, their bodies turning in to statues.  The creatures attempt many things to stave off this fate, from solving as many riddles as possible to eating other Sphinxes, but nothing seems to work. It seems only random chance that allows some Sphinxes to remain and forces others to become stone.


The Sphinx favors riddles and word-games, and as such also enjoys puzzling out mysteries.  In the living age of Mezarlik they were wise guardians of some of the greater nations of the realm, serving emperors and high priests.


In the days of Mezarlik's prime, many Sphinxes were associated with the great kingdoms and empires of the realm, serving their rulers with their power and wisdom.  With the collapse of those empires the Sphinxes of Mezarlik are without empires to serve, and as such only serve themselves.  There are some who have managed to avoid their petrification by dying of other means, and rising as Undead. Most of these are members of the Rotwrap Dynasty.

Famous Members


Famous only in-somuch as she is still alive and is known to those on Midgard, Kartal is one of the few remaining sphinxes of Mezarlik to avoid becoming a statue.  She is a standard gynosphinx with only her tail having succumbed to petrification, the tip curled into something of a question mark.  Kartal managed to convince Ciar Conri of Domhan to take her with him when he helped his comrades escape the dying plane of Mezarlik.

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